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Maian Events release history is shown below. If a new version is in progress, information will be shown below, beneath the changelog:

Maian Events Changelog (

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 3.3 (13/12/2018):
[+] Added locale support for PHP date function. Months and days are now correctly formatted in chosen locale/language.
[+] Added support for PHP7.3
[*] Update event calendar layout. Can be standard list view or conventional calendar view. Optional in settings.
[*] Updated Google Maps location link
[*] Updated Open Graph, Twitter Cards etc to use event thumbnail rather than default image. Thumbnail must be 200x200 or greater.
[*] Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.0.6)
[-] Fixed broken category sort order link in the admin CP that prevented the category sort order window from loading
[-] Fixed cron bug which caused events to delete/archive which had no end date
[-] Fixed cron error preventing event image folders from being removed
[-] Fixed display bugs related to events with no end date
[-] Fixed event archive bug that prevented previous archives from being archived correctly
[-] Fixed issue where placeholder event image didn't display if event image was missing
[-] Fixed month display bug for certain events that began earlier than the current day

Version 3.2 (11/05/2018):
[-] Fixed CleanTalk fatal error due to invalid class path
[-] Fixed directory traversal vulnerability as reported to me by SayWhatAgain. Patch your systems now!
[-] Fixed issue where dates from next month overlapped for some months in calendar

Version 3.1 (01/03/2018):
[*] Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.0.3)
[*] Updated Paypal IPN callback to use new endpoints and verify SSL
[*] jQuery library updated to 3.3.1
[*] Min PHP version to run software increased to 5.5. PHP5.5 or higher required.
[-] Fixed bug where event organiser was always shown as "Joe Bloggs".
[-] Fixed bug where some events remained in the event calendar after they had expired
[-] Fixed display issues when start and end event date were the same. Some timezone settings caused the event not to appear.

Version 3.0 (12/09/2017):
[+] Added cache system to reduce database load. This is optional.
[+] Added categories and sub categories to tag events
[+] Added database backup option
[+] Added menu boxes & new pages for easy layout control
[+] Added option for visitors to add/update events. Add page can be private, user/pass required.
[+] Added option to easily take system offline for maintenance
[+] Added simple payment plans for pay listings based on duration of days. Relist fee can be different.
[+] Added social sharing options including AddThis & Twitter API
[+] Added support for CleanTalk API Anti spam system. Prevents bots submitting events.
[+] Offer visitors relisting option to keep listing events running continously
[+] Payment plans can have max links, pictures and you can set the amount of times a listing repeats
[+] Supports Paypal for event listing payments
[+] Unlimited links can be attached to each event
[*] Added WYSIWYG editor for event description. Script tags not supported for security.
[*] Added support for PHP7
[*] Brand new responsive HTML5 system via Twitter Bootstrap
[*] Licence changed to free (creative commons) and commercial
[*] Removed deprecated MySQL functions. Supports MySQLi only.
[*] Removed internal comments system in favour of Disqus comments system
[*] Unlimited pictures can be attached to any event. Main picture is first picture. Sorting via drag/drop.
[*] Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (5.2.24)
[*] Removed legacy themes

Version 2.0 (05/01/2008):
[+] Added RSS Feed
[+] Added SMTP settings
[+] Added XHTML/CSS theme based system
[+] Added approve/reject/edit features in admin area
[+] Added basic photo gallery to add pictures for event
[+] Added captcha for contact options
[+] Added mod_rewrite option for search engine friendly urls
[+] Added option for visitors to post comments about events
[+] Added option to auto delete or archive events after they finish
[+] Added option to search events in admin area
[+] Added weekend highlighting for calendar days
[+] Assign different contact e-mail to addresses for each event
[*] Contact option can now be enabled/disabled per event
[*] New calendar interface
[*] Removed emoticons
[*] Specify meta keywords & descriptions for events

Version 1.2 (25/06/2006):
[+] Added overlib code for search box
[*] Cosmetic Update
[*] Free licence changed to the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Licence.
[*] Update some code syntax for better performance
[*] Updated documentation

Version 1.1 (08/04/2006):
[+] Added Contact form.
[+] Added ability for events to span days
[*] Changed calendar interface to full screen.
[*] Re-coded user interface
[*] Removed colour options from admin area

Version 1.0 (11/03/2005):
[+] Version 1.0 Released

Latest Version - v3.4 - Coming Soon

The next release is being prepared. Here`s what new:

New in v3.4

- Added week number to calendar grid view. Optional.
- Added official support for PHP7.4*
- Added option to add custom admin pages. Useful for backend information in a secure area for yourself or clients
- Added year switcher for admin dashboard graph to see stats for selected years
- In admin CP you can now re-order the main off canvas menu. Options you don't need can also be hidden.
- Added option to event settings to make event images optional.
- Added payment type filters to payments list screen in the admin CP
- Added payment type to payments edit screen in the admin CP
- Added payment type to payments search screen in the admin CP
- Added option for visitor to remove right menu to expand calendar/list view
- Added option for visitor to switch between calendar view and list view
- Added option to import events from CSV
- Added option to update event screen to retrieve event edit codes if the code cannot be remembered
- Added support for Commento ( comments system.
- Added support for Facebook Comments ( comments system.
- Added support for Hyvor Talk ( comments system.
- Added support for IntenseDebate ( comments system.
- Added optional event preview pop when clicking event link in main calendar.
- Added tags option to set color management for event highlighting. Free version max 5.
- Added http/https protocol option for base path and social links to prevent mod_security issues
- Added optional Privacy Policy for add/update events, event enquiry and contact form
- Added support for Facebook open graph app ID

Updated or Removed

- Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.2.0)
- Documentation updated. 404 links removed or updated and typos fixed.
- Improvements to error and exception handling
- Updated jQuery javascript library (3.5.1)
- Updated upgrade routines to auto switch system off during upgrade.
- Removed Google+ meta tags due to closure of social network
- Password storage updated to use PHP`s password bcrypt API. Add event password, if set, must be reset.
- Event calendar grid (standard) display now uses Ajax calendar.
- Updated Bootstrap library (3.4.1)
- Improvements to addThis social plugin integration. Plugin code may need updating, see docs.
- Update trumbowyg jquery plugin (2.21.0)
- Import and export routines now use the system temporary folder. This is auto cleared by the garbage collector and is used for better performance.
- Security enhancement. Backup folder path must explicitly be set in admin CP now for security.
- Updated Codebird Twitter library (4.0)
- Added official support for PHP8.0*

Bug Fixes

- Fixed mcrypt in installer which was incorrectly checked for versions that didn`t support it
- Fixed menu calendar that had missing days for some months if the week started on a Sunday
- Fixed timezone errors when cron jobs were running
- Fixed TCPDF plugin issue that caused PDFs to fail for builds on PHP7.2 or higher
- Fixed issue where calendar displayed incorrectly in grid view if week started on a Monday
- Fixed issue where meta description & keywords were reversed and shown in the wrong meta values
- Fixed events counts not parsing correctly when list data was cached

Last updated: 12 March 2022
Release Date: Coming Soon
Please do not contact us about the release date, thank you.


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